A cheap web balancer: Nginx+haproxy+pacemaker

I’m going to explain you how can you mount a too cheap and efficient web balancer, I’ve rolled out in productive and non-productive environments publishing all the web applications of multiples environments from continuos integration. I’ve used this solution in our productive environment after I had done benchmarks tests with “ab” and “siege” tool, but […]

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Tmux, the best choice!

We’re going to talk about terminal multiplexor! We’re talking about TMUX!! Few months ago each one on system’s department was starting working with this multiplexor terminal and we’re so satisfied , in fact, i’ve needed write this post! I also remember with nostalgy when I started to use “screen”, a very useful tool used to: […]

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WordPress running on RaspberryPi

This is my first post in my fresh wordpress installation. Just now i’ve finished installing wordpress and i’m going to collect all steps. I’ve selected install Debian as operating system, then i use nginx, php-fpm and mysql daemons for running wordpress. This are all steps: I had installed berryboot in SD card, and then i […]

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